LOGO Detroit Free Press

“A tender comedy about family car trips, ‘Leaving Iowa’ enjoyed a near-sellout run and has great potential for further stagings around the country; audiences will recognize their parents, themselves or both in Clue and Manton’s characters.” Read the full review


LOGO Chicago Sun Times

“You don’t have to be the child of a small-town Iowa couple living in the midst of hog farms and cornfields to identify with everything about ‘Leaving Iowa,’ the simultaneously hilarious and touching play by Tim Clue and Spike Manton.” Read the full review


LOGO Coastline Pilot

“This West Coast premiere of the nostalgic comedy by Tim Clue and Spike Manton, and directed by Clue, intertwines past and present into an often hilarious memory comedy with twinges of heart tugging mixed in with the eternal squabbling… You might not want to live there, but you’ll have a great time “Leaving Iowa” at this inventive, skillfully executed nostalgic comedy.” Read the full review


Minn Star Trib

“This is a comedy with a more serious edge, giving the humor an even more satisfying resonance… Come for the laughs and stay to be moved.” Read the full review


Seattle Edge

“Taproot Theatre’s ‘Leaving Iowa’ is frankly one of the best shows I’ve seen this year. If you a) are from Iowa, b) are from the Midwest, c) are from anywhere at all and have left home to move somewhere else, d) have ever taken a road trip from somewhere to anywhere else or e) have a family of any sort, you are required to go see this show!” Read the full review


Houston Press

“This warmhearted comedy about family — the American family, to be precise — pulses with nostalgia, radiates soft charm and stays entertaining without running out of gas.” Read the full review


Kansas City Start

“What makes this piece unique is that the comedy, like that of Mark Twain, is rooted in people’s imperfections. And the sentimental moments never seem gratuitous. On the contrary, they are earned by virtue of strong character development.” Read the full review



“The play presents 1960’s Americana in such a poignant yet humorous light that audience can’t help but allow their own imaginations to drift to their own families and road trips.” Read the full review



Arizona Daily Star

“Tim Clue and Spike Manton’s “Leaving Iowa” [is] a poignantly touching and belly-bustingly funny story of family dynamics.” Read the full review